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When New Year’s eve was about to roll in, Pinterest showed me this interesting idea of crafting your own calendar. Initially, I wanted the old school type: with springs wired at the top part so all I have to do is flip each page for the desired month I wanted to view. However, it was a lot of work for a DIY newbie like me and I did not want to risk damaging the print I have chosen from The Cottage Market (which was soooooo pretty, by the way). So, I thought of using a cork board instead. What’s amazing about this alternative is the fact that I don’t need to chop, wire nor drill holes in it.

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To my delight, Daiso, a Japanese dollar store, sold affordable craft pieces, including the materials that I used for this project. I was able to secure two cork boards, pastel-hued pins and fabric scissors for 88 pesos each. Not bad. Here is the complete list of materials I used for this project:

1 piece cork board (I used two on the pictures above since I’ve made one for my mother as well)

pins (any hue and design of your choice will do)

calendar printable



  1. Choose the design you want for your calendar. In my case, I chose The Cottage Market’s Disney princess 2017 as my calendar’s template.
  2. Print your chosen template. (Did I mention that they are downloadable for FREE? Yeap. They’re free.)
  3. After printing your calendar, cut them to your desired size.
  4. Use your pins in securing your calendar on the cork board.
  5. You can style your cork board if you think it lacks that extra oomph (e.g. flower decor, other pin ups, or trinkets)
  6. Use and abuse.
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This is the complete 2017 Disney Princess printables from The Cottage Market.
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FINISHED PRODUCT. You will notice that the cork boards still has room for some accessorizing. My mom, with her floral calendar on the right, decided to pin family pictures on her cork board to give it a more personalized touch. As for me, I chose to pin work out routines and work papers.

Apart from it’s obvious use, I get a thrill having to check my highlights/lowlights jotted on a design which I know, only a handful or probably less, have it. And for a DIY novice like me, it felt like an award winning piece to have finished a project and actually use it. I am on a high right now and off to planning my next DIY. How did yours turn out? 🙂


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