Goodie Junkie

This month means a ton of things to different people. For the scholarly, it could mean taking a two-week hiatus from school and not worry about exams the next day; for the kids, stage moms and titas out there, planning and preparing cutesy outfits for the upcoming Halloween party is all the rave. Not only that. This could also mean getting all those overdue planned trips to execution because you and your friends of x number of years are finally getting that much awaited looooong weekend (I need to exaggerate on the “long” part as it means a great deal to BPO employees to get a two-day official holiday on top of the regular two-day rest days from work. Thank you, Thanksgiving).

This is the irony my country gets when the “ber” months roll in. It marks the transition from getting all hot and bothered (no pun intended) because of summer to getting all chilled and soaked up because the rainy days have now officially arrived. Thing is, while the world falls in a state of autumn—a state of solace and relaxation before the big reveal—October fills my head with thoughts of merriments and planning. Lots and lots of planning. One thing that’s on top of my list is finding ways to jazz up my gift wrapping shizz come gift giving time. I am pretty sure this, too, has been your dilemma. Therefore, to all of you who can’t juice up on their muchness to creativity this season, this post is for you.

Let’s get started!


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glass ones are the best

How: You can use glass bottles in packing foods, letters or even accessories.

From experience: I used a glass bottle (medium sized one – think Zaragoza spanish sardines bottle size) in packing a fuchsia themed long necklace that I gave to a friend who adored bottles and all the “kakiyan” in the world. I didn’t use much wrapping. Just a bow and I was done!



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got these from (L) an underwear brand and (R) a freebie from an oatmeal purchase

How: They are big enough to hold colognes, trinkets, letters, clothing, etc. Bonus if you get the artsy ones as they can save you time in deciding how to wrap it.

From experience: It was my best friend’s birthday and I wanted a loot for her filled with a bunch of stuff I knew she’d definitely love. So, I opted for a canister (same size as the one on the left picture above) and stored in there, from what I can recall, the following items: a cologne, two arm swaggers and an ionizer. Since it was cylindrical and I ran out of artistic options to wrap it with, I decided to use an old fabric, covered it up and topped it with a bow. I was all set! Plus side to canisters is the fact that up to now, after 3 years since I gave it to her, she still has it and is using it for storage.


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shop and keep the bags, too!


How: This one’s ubiquitous. Gift bags are not only limited to those we see and buy in gift stores; recycling old shopping bags (preferably the paper ones) can rock the gift glam just as well. Tip: Keep all sorts of paper bags regardless of the size, shape, even the tag. There is always a season and an occasion for that. Trust me.

From experience: I always prefer used, old shopping bags whenever I give gifts. It breaks my heart whenever I see a newly bought gift bag that gets torn up just because. And whenever my cliques or coworkers would plan on having a kris kringle, this comes really handy. Depending on the size, I am able to stock whatever: socks, clothes, quirky “somethings”, you name it.


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I got these from my online shopping purchases.

How: Same with paper bags, this can hold all sorts of knick knacks. Depending on the size and weight, the eco bag can be your saving grace when you want to look all compact and stylish at the same time.

From experience: I keep—scratch that—I hoard eco bags. I use it not only as an alternative way of packing gifts but as a grocery bag as well. This comes very handy whenever I hit a thrift store, or do groceries on a whim. Especially in the city where I live wherein plastics are simply banned from being used, you have to keep these nifty pieces available all the time.


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One is just not enough. God help me.

How: Wrap, wrap, wrap! For that extra bling, oomph it up with a brooch or appliqué.

Not from experience: This is my newest find, and I have not tried giving gifts by wrapping them with a scarf. Although, with the recent discovery I’ve made from my local thrift store, I will be getting a few pieces both for personal usage and for gift wrapping. Will show you how I did it in the coming posts.

It has always been my mindset to do more with what I have. Whether it be with stuff, memories or money, there is no such thing as a dead end to things. Be creative. And if you’ve run out of ideas, hope this post will help you get back in the artsy side of life. Happy wrapping! 😊